Craig Snodgrass grew up in various towns and mountain-tops through out Appalachia. Craig has been creating artwork ever since his mother sat him down with some water-colors, paper, and a nice warm glass of "don't bother me for 15 minutes". Snodgrass has been staying out of peoples hair ever since.

Born in 1979 Craig’s squishy little sponge brain was open to absorb American pop-culture at it’s peak decade. Fed a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, MAD Magazine, Star Wars, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Atari 2600 and more Craig’s love of all things nerdy was solidified at an early age. Growing into the 90’s new interests emerged that would take Craig deeper down the rabbit hole of weird - Stephen King novels, Dungeons and Dragons, the internet, David Bowie, and The X-Files. All these elements fused together to influence his artwork.

Over the past several years Craig has created an amount of artwork nothing short of prolific, wrote and illustrated a children's book, developed designer toys, designed a line of t-shirts and shoes, and is currently working on the first SnodBOTS comic book among other things. Craig is currently based in Virginia with his wife, daughter,dog, two guinea pigs, a lizard and two carnival goldfish.